Friday, February 4, 2011

Lego research

Okay so yesterday I was doing research on legos for a project. so I type in Google "legos" and eventually I get to this link that says "Everything you ever wanted to know about legos" and i click on it. when i scroll down to a section called "crazy questions" one of the questions was "Why do Legos look so delicious but taste so bad?". then I thought to my self this guy is either really stupid or just plain weird so i ask you. What do u think??



Okay so yesterday i went to Hobby Town USA to get my Traxxas stampede RC car fixed. So when i get the parts and fixed it i drove around a parking lot with it. So when i get home i charge it up and and play with it this morning. As i came around the corner to jump it off the curb my turn wasn't tight enough and WAMM! I ran it into the side of the sew drain going about 30 mph. As i start to drive off i notice the same part i fixed yesterday is broken again.


(RC cars fun for kids or money hole)